Legislation and institutions

Institutions in Montenegro

Agency for Prevention of Corruption
Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office
State Audit Institution
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Public Administration
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Interior
Police administration
Administration for Inspection Affairs
Administration for Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing
Department of Public Revenues
Agency for the Protection of Competition
Anti-corruption Committee
List of municipalities in Montenegro in line with Law on Territorial Organisation of Montenegro

International institutions


Montenegrin Legal Framework

Constitution of Montenegro
Criminal Code of Montenegro
Law on Prevention of Corruption
Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
Law on Financing of Political Entities and Election Campaign
Law on Local Self-Government Financing
Public Procurement Law
Law on Free Access to Information
Law on Lobbying
Personal Data Protection Law
Law on Classified Information
Law on Local Self- Government
Law on Territorial Organization of Montenegro
Law on Capital City
Law on Old Royal Capital
Law on Communal Police
Law on State Administration
Law on Administrative Inspection
Law on Civil Servants and State Employees
Law on non-governmental organisations
Labor Law
Law on Public Internal Financial Control System
Law on Budget and Fiscal Responsibility
Law on Wages of Civil Servants
Criminal Procedure Law
Law on General Administrative Procedure
Law on Administrative Dispute
Law on Misdemeanors
Law on Inspection Supervision
Law on Civil Procedure
Law on Courts
Law on State Prosecution
Law on the Special State Prosecutor
Methodological instruction on completion of the integrity plan form
Decree on Government Administration’s Organisation and Manner of Work
Rules of Procedure of the Government of Montenegro