Coalition KUM

Coalition for Transparency and Fight against Corruption at the local level (KUM) gathers Montenegrin civil society organizations that are, in various manner, engaged into fight against corruption at the local level, but also in other respective areas.

Vision of the Coalition KUM is Montenegro as an open society of active citizens and the rule of law.

Mission of the Coalition KUM is to strengthen civic awareness, civil sector and the overall capacity of society in fight against corruption at the local and national level.

Work of the Coalition KUM will be founded on the values of transparency, teamwork, continuous education and accountability.

Strategic objectives of the Coalition KUM are: 1) strengthening of the transparency and accountability of institutions in areas of particular risk for corruption, 2) strengthening of the capacity of civil society organizations and institutions to fight corruption, and 3) raising the awareness, knowledge and activism of citizens in the fight against corruption.

Focus of the Coalition is monitoring and improvement of existing policies and mechanisms for prevention and fight against corruption at the local level in various fields. In this regard, members of Coalition will monitor and analyse the application and effects of legal, strategic and other documents at the local level, prepare reports and advocate for proposed solutions for the improvement of system of fight against corruption.

The KUM coalition consists of 20 members as follows: